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Terri KPJust a couple observations about our session last night … WOW!!! … Life Changing!!! I am absolutely blown away by the effectiveness of this approach and we haven’t even gotten to any of the “BIG” stuff yet! This is absolutely what I need and now know why I hadn’t recently searched out any other forms of therapy. I was waiting for you and TIR!

After just one session I’m already looking at my current life circumstances from an entirely different perspective. I know my work with you and this format will yield tremendous results and I look forward to carrying these new found skills over into my own personal growth and exploration through writing. Thank you for your time, skills and this tremendous opportunity for healing and growth.

Note: After Terri completed her Life Stress Reduction Program, she became trained as a LSR & TIR Facilitator … Cynthia

Skype Client

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My sessions helped me to let go of feelings, regrets, fears and stressors I have been carrying for years. Not only have I been able to let go, but those feelings have been replaced with peace and hope. You helped me realize things I’ve never realized before.

I had spent years and years in therapy and never got to the root issues. I talked about the same things over and over again, never completely letting go, feeling free, or resolving anything. Therapy seemed like more of a bandaid; TIR & LSR techniques are life-changing!

I loved the approach of the facilitator asking questions and allowing me to figure out what was going on inside my mind and my heart. I had so many “aha” moments that have helped me not only understand myself more, but respect where others are coming from, even though others’ decisions don’t always make sense to me. I realized that sometimes “I don’t understand” why people do what they do. In the past, I would get angry, or frustrated, or scared. Now, I simply respect that we are each individuals who make decisions that are best for ourselves or our families.

I am absolutely amazed at how much growth I have made and am so proud of myself. I find myself talking about TIR & LSR to people all the time. I think EVERYONE should do it. Thank you SO MUCH! — RR, Teacher, Portland, ME

Workshop Participants

1-1-Students with Tamara-002

  • What I like about TIR is that it is clear, it is simple, it is consistent, and it is effective. It is genuinely client-centered, through and through. Cynthia is a very enthusiastic and supportive trainer. I am pursuing certification to cement and enhance my skills and plan to use the techniques with my life-coaching clients. — Lee P, Retired School Counselor, Lewiston, ME
  • A great, effective tool to use, enhanced my clinical listening and objective skills as a clinician. Simple, easy to follow, client-centered intervention, very enlightening and refreshing. Puts a whole new meaning to client-centered and not working harder than your clients. — HT, MSW/LCSW
  • A powerful experience that has transformed my thinking about therapy and the proper role of the therapist. I will be a different and better therapist as a result. — TC, MA
  • Excellent! I thought the training was awesome!
  • It’s applicable to all my work.
  • Fantastic training … learned a lot … hated to see it end.
  • I’m becoming oriented to a new way of thinking and working with clients as a newly retired, masters level, social worker … I was formerly  oriented to the medical model … NO MORE!
  • Fabulous content and presentation … will highly recommend to others!
  • Informative, fun and practical application explained, demonstrated and practiced.
  • WOW!
  • The atmosphere was positive, the trainer undoubtedly experienced and well trained.
  • The class was amazing, I wish we had a 5th day!
  • Very interesting and informative, I look forward to practicing this technique.  The instructor was engaging and enthusiastic. Keep offering  these awesome trainings.
  • I liked actually being able to use techniques with the instructor there.
  • Very positive experience, interesting and effective techniques, I’ve been searching for programs that address trauma.
  • Cynthia was amazing and I am heartily looking forward to doing another training with her.
  • Cynthia Scott is practical, real and knows her stuff.
  • The training was excellent.  I liked having techniques that I can use immediately in my practice.
  • Cynthia was enthusiastic, knowledgeable, professional and easy to talk to. She provided a great learning atmosphere.
  • I’m excited to use TIR in my practice.
  • It was so hopeful to me to see that this technique exists and achieves such amazing and positive results. I love the phrase “Over, over, done, done!”
  • I like how totally person-centered this work is; it is always about the client and what he/she chooses to work on.
  • This was just the “shot in the arm” that I’ve needed.  It’s a life changing thing to begin to apply solutions to problems rather than just identifying problems (they’re everywhere). As qualified practitioners increase I’m sure the collective pain will decrease.
  • You learn, then practice. I liked being able to use techniques with the instructor there.
  • Lots of learning practice and encouragement
  • I really liked the videos of real client sessions.
  • The opportunity to connect with other trainees and the ongoing support of the trainers.
  • Excellent material and training and I liked the energy level of the trainer.