TIR Expanded Applications

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Prerequisite: Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop

Time: (Standard) 3 – 4 Days

TIR – Expanded Applications Workshop consolidates knowledge and skills gained in the first TIR Workshop and goes on from there to add an array of new tools to the facilitator’s repertoire. New methods taught in this workshop will benefit a wide range of clients, from those who are fragile/low ego strength to very high-functioning people.

The new techniques learned in this workshop can be used to prepare a client for TIR, to build up ego strength (ability to face life) and develop the client’s capacity to successfully address specific areas of life. These techniques also allow a practitioner to write a case plan that is more varied and interesting to a client than one containing only TIR and Unblocking. In addition to providing new tools, this workshop expands the use of TIR itself to fit more situations.

The TIR – Expanded Applications Workshop results in greatly increased confidence and certainty in using TIR, and related Applied Metapsychology Techniques, and provides the practitioner with the ability to address and resolve a much wider range of human difficulties and preoccupations, including distractions that make it hard for the client to settle comfortably into the role of a viewer.


As demonstrated through examination and supervised activities, the student will be able to:

  • List and describe techniques to prepare a client who is not yet ready for TIR
  • Analyze the theory of remedial techniques
  • Demonstrate the use of remedial techniques
  • Use unlayering techniques to build ego strength
  • Discuss the use of TIR with addiction
  • Describe how TIR is applied to complex trauma
  • List techniques useful in addressing relationship issues
  • Utilize TIR to reduce fear of future events
  • Create a basic case plan
  • Use these structured, directive techniques in a client-centered way


  1. Reviewing basics and reinforcing skills
  2. Case Preparation and Case Progress
    1. Facilitation, Consultation, and Technical Direction explained
    2. Building up a client’s ability and ego strength in preparation for using TIR
    3. A variety of techniques to address different client issues with precision
  3. Further Applications for TIR and Related Techniques
    1. Future TIR
    2. Long term trauma handling
    3. Using TIR to address complex trauma, depression, anxiety disorders, and phobias
  4. Remedial Actions
    1. Techniques to repair TIR
    2. Wrong Indications
    3. Addictions Program
  5. Case Planning
    1. Theory
    2. Case Planning using the Chart Method
    3. Practical Case Planning exercise

This workshop is appropriate for all levels of practicing social workers, psychologists, therapists, counselors, clergy, and critical incident stress debriefers. See also Continuing Education

While appropriate for use in a therapeutic setting, and while its results may be viewed as therapeutic in nature, Applied Metapsychology, its methods, and techniques, are a form of highly disciplined and structured integrative education, which results in personal improvement. The structure and safety built into the subject make it well suited for community mental health and peer co-counseling. See also Applied Metapsychology: Therapy or Personal Growth? by Dr. Frank A. Gerbode and A Psychologist Addresses Potential Concerns of the Mental Health Community by John Durkin, Ph.D.

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