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Learn Traumatic Incident Reduction

TIR is the latest evidence-based approach to trauma

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TIR is often used as a critical piece in a Life Stress Reduction program.

  • TIR is a technique used as a rapid method of effectively reducing traumatic stress and resolve emotionally and/or physically painful events from the past.
  • TIR can stand alone as a full process in and of itself.


LSR is a full program making use of a broad array of techniques, tailored to meet the needs of a particular client and includes:

  • a series of lighter LSR techniques to build up the strength to go through the worst of one’s trauma and/or stress issues, providing a wider variety of approaches to address any given issue, or
  • for those without trauma to address, who have other issues and/or who simply want to grow beyond where they are
  • LSR techniques are designed to approach an issue and remove emotional pain, resistance and confusion and bring greater clarity and ease to life.


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*As your Trainer, I am available to provide you with supervision throughout your Internship and beyond.

— Cynthia Scott, LSRT, TIRT