Treat yourself to a reFRESH reTREAT

Weld Retreat

We’re all busy and rarely take enough time for our own self-care. Join us for several days of learning a powerful evidence-based trauma-specific practice for resolving traumatic events and other techniques and experience a new level of personal growth for yourself.

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  • 10/2015
  • 1/2016


We’ve found that by offering workshops in a retreat setting, folks are able to be working and learning and playing and growing and resting all at the same time.

Hiking Center Hill - Weld

A big part of the learning experience is practicing what is being taught. In a retreat setting, folks can team up and hold private sessions together as they wish, while still being in a supervised environment.


More session time is available when we’re all staying together.

If/when you identify something that you’d like to address, get a session right away.

Retreats are intended to be more informal. We can dress casually, set our own hours for work and play, eat as a group or whenever we wish, share meals pot-luck style or bring whatever meets our individual needs.







Retreats provide the opportunity for unique bonding experiences. There’s also plenty of time for relaxation and enjoying the great outdoors, whether swimming, hiking, site seeing, or gathering around a campfire.

Center Hill - Weld

What better way to learn, rest and play?

The formal structure of the Traumatic Incident Reduction Workshop in a conference room setting provided the perfect foundation to build upon. The Life Stress Reduction and Expanded Application Retreats were phenomenal … educational, fun and reFRESHing! Spending the entire four day training, including lodging, meals and casual time with a group of female facilitators fed my soul.  I found it to be the perfect mix of training time, open discussion, experiential use of techniques and plenty of time to use as we wished.  I especially liked the availability of private sessions during our down time. I highly recommend this training to anyone interested in professional development as well as personal growth and exploration.

Terri Kelley Palin

Artist, Creative Play Coach, LSR & TIR Facilitator


June 2015 – Traumatic Incident Reduction – Expanded Applications*

Webb Lake – Weld, Maine
tirea tirea2

Tamara, Rebecca, Cynthia, Lynn and Barkley


January 2015 – Life Stress Reduction & Case Planning*

Lakeside Loft

Lakeside Loft on Lake Minnehonk – Mt Vernon, Maine

Lakeside Loft

Carol, Laurelle, Christine, Kyle, Cynthia and Barkley

Lakeside Loft

Kyle, Christine and Laurelle

Complimentary Massage

Delights from our January retreat: complimentary massage, the roar of the waterfall just outside our window, hiking around the lake, meals at the Olde Post Office Cafe, homemade crepes and fresh eggs for breakfast, homemade pad thai for dinner and delicious chocolate from Belgium


October 2014 – Traumatic Incident Reduction – Expanded Applications*


Kelley Point – Jonesport – Downeast Maine


Lisa, Terri, Laurelle, Bett, Sarina, Cynthia, Barkley and Christine

Chris & Barkley


jonesport crabs2 (2)      jp-008

Delights from our October retreat: walking on the beach, collecting sea glass, fishing boats coming and going, an all-you-can-eat seafood buffet, homemade seafood chowder, gorgeous sunrises and sunsets




August 2014 – Traumatic Incident Reduction*

Pune, Maharashtra, India


Cynthia and Anahita



July 2014 – Life Stress Reduction & Case Planning*

Webb Lake – Weld, Maine

Webb Lake - Weld

Rebecca, Sarina, Cynthia, Bett, Lynn, Terri P, Terrie Z and Barkley

Sarina - Webb Lake Retreat

What better place to give or receive a session than on the dock just as the sun is coming up?

Center Hill - Weld

Hiking Center Hill

Center Hill - Weld

Delights from our July retreat: exploring Proctor’s Pond and Pyramid, cemetary tour, hiking Center Hill, enjoying the fireworks during late night dips in the lake, Q & A Skype Session re: TIR Research with John Durkin, PhD in London


 reTREAT and reFRESH yourself – we’d love to have you!

Mt Blue - Weld

 Upcoming Retreats – click here to request a consultation to learn more

* Workshop Participants receive 28 CE Contact Hours


Past Retreats

  • 7/13/2014 – LSR & CPW Webb Lake Retreat – Weld, ME
  • 8/16/2014 – TIRW Pune Retreat – Maharashtra, India
  • 10/13/2014 – TIR-EAW DownEast Ocean Retreat – Jonesport, ME
  • 1/18/2015 – LSR & CPW Minnehonk Lake Retreat – Lakeside Loft – Mt Vernon, ME
  • 6/14/2015 – TIR-EAW Webb Lake Retreat – Weld, ME