Do you beat yourself up?

question mark faceDo you beat yourself up when …

  • you say or do something you feel you shouldn’t have
  • you don’t say of do something you feel you should have
  • you realize you did something that offended or hurt someone you care about
  • think back on things you cannot change but wish like heck you could
  • you don’t know how to do something that seems easy for everyone else
  • you’ve spent money you don’t have and the credit card bill arrives
  • you’ve crossed a line you knew felt wrong to you
  • you drank too much and acted like a fool
  • etc. etc. etc.


Here’s a tool that I use from time to time that just might help you out with this … Emotional Freedom Technique aka EFT or Tapping.

you tube arrowBeating Yourself Up – Tapping with Brad Yates

If you are new to tapping, please watch this video so you understand what it is about: Intro to EFT – Tapping with Brad Yates


Also, there are lots of articles online about this topic, here’s just one of them … 5 Ways to Stop Beating Yourself Up


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Note for Christians: Many years ago, I heard something in church that REALLY helped me to NEVER beat up on myself EVER, EVER AGAIN! And, wouldn’t you know, right after I heard that I was put to the test. [I backed my car into my husband’s work truck right in our own driveway! Two accidents in one … how fun … NOT! Now, that’s some good fodder for beating one’s self up, right? WRONG!] I’m happy to share that hot tip with you, just ask.


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