Trauma and adversity are NOT a life sentence to PTSD ... know that experiences of this sort are not only survivable, its effects are completely reversible ... and very quickly, without years or even months of therapy.  Do you have clients that seem to be STUCK? Learn TIR, the latest evidence-based approach to trauma, and a few other amazingly-effective techniques, that will get things moving again FAST!

I work with Psychologists, Clinical Social Workers, Mental Health Counselors and others in the helping professions whose clients suffer from a variety of traumas and lifelong challenges providing:

Imagine having compassion fatigue being a thing of the past … learn new techniques that make compassion exhilaration an everyday experience.

Some folks prefer to ‘dip their toe in’ with an à la carte approach while others who are highly-motivated and already know they are ‘all in’ wish to fast track their training. Either way, let’s chat and see what your goals are, where you’re at now, what your challenges are and how reFRESH Training Center fits in.

Get started now with a complimentary reFRESH Strategy Session!

During this 45-minute phone conversation, you will:

  • Share your vision of what an ideal practice looks like for you
  • Describe your current scenario
  • Identify current challenges and obstacles
  • Learn how reFRESH can support you in having a practice you love; one that gives versus takes and provides an abundance of compassion exhilaration!


Having done lots of ‘research’ with self-help books, 12-step programs and countless therapies over the years, I was lucky enough to find something that took care of every one of the stressors in my life once and for all! I could hardly wait to learn it myself so I could support others and train those who have dedicated their lives to helping others. — Cynthia Scott, LSRT, TIRT, LSRF, TIRF


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